Hawaii is under attack – Legislators pushing to Prohibit P2P Independent Car Rental Hosting throughout the State

Well, Hawaii is once again the target of big business lobby efforts, pressing government to shut down all P2P car sharing in Hawaii. The new House Bill 1500: https://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/measure_indiv.aspx… should likely be DOA in this first attempt, but make no mistake, they will keep coming, just like they did to the Air BNB marketplace in Hawaii.
Your market may not have such pressure, but it likely will at some point. We have to join forces and fight with “strength in numbers” and have a common voice! This is why we created the WorldICRA, your industry trade association. We are a nonprofit, and 14-22% of your dues go back to your chapter and can be used to combat such pressures. Because if they win in Hawaii, they will move to win against you in your market as well. Do not be a fool and sit on the sideline. It is time to join the ICRA (www.worldicra.com) and support your state chapter. Chapters are forming now!