About ICRA

The Independent Car Rental Association or ICRA is seeking to become a 501C6 registered nonprofit business/industry trade association for all who work in the independent car rental industry. This includes, but is not limited to independent car rental hosts, suppliers, and vendors who offer both products and services to the industry and our car rental host members.

This association was formed to support members from our industry from all parts of the globe, this is why our website is: worldicra.com. We have members in all markets and areas that have a presence of independent car rental hosts, who offer their personal vehicles up for rental to business and vacation travelers, as well as anyone who may enjoy cars, trucks, SUV’s, as well as exotic cars and muscle cars. Many of our car rental host members are car enthusiasts themselves and offer a great alternative for renters (their guests) who want an alternative to the big rental car companies. Some even “specialize” in certain types of vehicles, such as Jeeps or exotic sports cars.

Many of our members may have started in this industry, simply to subsidize lost revenue due to Covid lay-offs, health reasons, or needed an avenue to increase their income, for various reasons. Many found this new industry and way of growing revenue and increasing income to allow them the freedom to leave corporate life and become an entrepreneur.

Our industry offers a more positive experience to renting a vehicle from a big car rental company, with no lines to wait in, or having the vehicle you thought you rented, not be available at the time of pick-up. Our Host members many times will pick guests up or deliver vehicles directly to them, offering a much greater “Red Carpet” type of service.

There are many reasons why folks across our planet have moved this direction, paving the way to new income and wealth.

Please consider joining our organization to learn from the best that our industry has to offer and collaborate with other members to begin to learn and grow your own independent car rental business, and start to write your own story of success!

Meet our CEO

Trent Gifford

Trent Gifford, the ICRA CEO and Founder has been working with hundreds of associations for the past eight years. As the Chief Business and Nonprofit consultant for his Association Management Company, LGCC, Trent is well positioned and has both the knowledge and experience working with other associations and start-up businesses allowing us to leverage not only his expertise in technology and software used by associations, but also his experience in helping nonprofit and other business organizations to streamline operations and grow.

Trent is also a car enthusiast, and has restored several show and collector cars, as well as muscle cars to show quality. His knowledge as an entrepreneur, association leader, and nonprofit start-up business expert, as well as his knowledge of our independent car rental industry, and his love of cars positions him well as a leader to help all of us succeed in our new industry.

To learn more about Trent, please see his executive webpage: www.hellophello.com/hi/trentgifford