Car rental website for under $50/month

Appzoola – Car Rental and Fleet Website for under $50/month!

The ICRA has formally partnered with Appzoola, who has also become a sponsor of the ICRA to provide elegant yet very inexpensive websites for our members.

When Turo announced they were no longer supporting the “Commercial” 90/10 plan for fleet and larger independent rental companies or large P2P carshare companies, our members raised their concerns.  From there, the ICRA got to work to help our members find valuable and inexpensive solutions to solve this new problem.

We reached out to Appzoola, a website and mobile app company who offers what they call “Business-in-a-Box” solutions for small to medium sized businesses within certain industries or markets.  After sharing this new challenge with the development team, and providing the feedback from our membership, Appzoola quickly built a “Business-in-a-Box” solution for independent car rental companies and fleet level peer-to-peer car share companies who needed an alternative solution and their own ability to market their vehicles and take bookings outside of Turo.

Please do not misunderstand, we are not trying to replace Turo, but our membership overwhelmingly felt that they needed additional solutions which included an elegant website, online reservation/booking functions, online payment processing, and fleet management capabilities and automation to help them better manage their fleet.  Appzoola delivered this solution in less than 2 weeks, and is not in testing with several members.

For under $50/month “hosted”, you can have a very nice website that you “own” and can manage yourself without the need to know how to program/code html, as it comes with a complete “no code” / drag & drop tool to make changes to your website by yourself.  No need to pay someone to continue to manage and update your site for you, saving you tons of hours and money.

With no upfront costs (unless you ask for custom development) you can have a website that takes vehicle reservations/bookings, manages your customers payments online and securely through a well known payment gateway (Stripe), as well as fully integrated mobile apps (iOS & Android), and also the tools and data insights to help you manage your fleet for under $50/month.

Want to integrate a GPS tracking and OBDI data solution?  We have that as well!

If you would like to see a “mock-up” sample version of this Car Rental Business-in-a-Box, please click the link below.  But understand that what you will be seeing can be changed to your color scheme, your business logo (not Appzoola), and will show your vehicles and their availability.  Other parts of this sample website can be eliminated if you do not want those elements in your site, and you can add any of your own content, photos, etc. very easily without having to be a programmer.  Most things are drag & drop.  Here is the link:

If interested in joining our trial, please send an email to: