Another Hawaii Host who goes the extra mile for the tourists and our industry


Living and working in Hawaii comes with a lot of challenges, especially since the onset of COVID-19.  As someone who had spent years working in travel and hospitality for nearly two decades, it was difficult to witness the backlash against tourism that occurred once visitors began traveling back to the islands en masse.

I was able to make enough money to cover monthly car payments, insurance and car maintenance. Additionally, it helped provide funds during one of the most difficult times of my life from 2017 to 2019 when I underwent surgeries for spinal injuries. It also made sense for me because instead of having my car go unused, I was able to share it.”

“What is often not recognized is the direct contact that many car-sharing hosts, like myself, have experienced with people from all walks of life — including our local residents.  My vehicle helped local residents without a car to use for trips to stores. I have hosted new University of Hawaii students who made the move into dorms.  I have helped those who needed tips on sightseeing around the island and even provided beach accessories.