Never give up, and continue to follow you heart!

My journey:
I’m 23 years old and I have already failed in 2 businesses.  First failed business was my first store where I was selling appliances.  To open this store I had to do 2 years working Uber none-stop and barely buying anything for myself.  I had to leave my home, no longer being able to afford the payment, moving into the back of the store because there was a room there with bathroom.  Long story short that store failed bad because of really bad location. The location had traffic but it was in a neighborhood where everybody knows each other, and me as a black kid that moved in didn’t get treated well.
My second failed business was car flipping – Buying from auctions to resell.  It was doing good till I bought 8 vehicles with bad transmissions and I had to stop after that.
I decided to change it up and move to Miami to try something new and now I’m back to doing Uber to fund for anything I need to do and pay my bills.  It is not an easy ride since I have a new daughter, so I can’t just leave my home to sleep in the back of my store anymore.
Now I’m trying out Turo:  Started last month and I’m on my 7th car one of them I can’t post because of recall.  Working on that now.
Doing everything with no support is hard.  Started my first business at 10 years old in my home country.  Because I had to survive and feed myself.
Today, people call me crazy because I went to school and graduated with a degree and passed the police exams and everything.  I had so many big connections that would help me get promoted to detective after my 1 year probation, but I didn’t do it for the sake of business.  Getting in the police force requires your full attention and I would not be able to do business for couple years
The point of this message is to not give up and keep doing what your hearts desires!