P2P Car Share in Puerto Rico

Fleet Member

I got started within the past six months when Turo opened up here on the island of Puerto Rico. There was a drought on car rentals when I was visiting back in April of last year, due to the chip shortage affecting the automobile industry. I began flying back and forth to get an Airbnb property up and running and found car rentals for ten days was like putting a down payment on a new car. I saw an opportunity to provide a solution when even my first set of guests began asking me where to rent a car……. Enter Turo. I listed my first vehicle on Turo in October and began accepting rentals for November.

It booked like hotcakes. I added another SUV in December and the same thing happened. I now have Eight SUV’s in my fleet. I have two more waiting to be shipped from Florida next month, and possibly adding two more in the coming weeks. My goal was to have a dozen vehicles in my fleet before the end of the year. I’ll be meeting that goal next month. Now my goal is Eighteen SUV’s, a staff of 6-8, and able to take reservations independently of Turo. Which means a website of my own and marketing outside of Turo. I am hoping the ICRA will provide some insight on where I can do some of this.