Membership Types and "Member Only" Benefits

As an ICRA member, you will enjoy not only technology that was built specifically for your business to allow you to complete with larger rental companies at rates you can afford.  But our members also enjoy discounts on fleet insurance, technology solutions, and $250 discount on the largest event our industry has in the world (ICRS – International Car Rental Show) held in Las Vegas every spring.  The discounts from these benefits will more than pay for your annual membership dues.  So please join and take advantage of these discounts and programs that only our members can enjoy!

Member Only Benefits:

  • Marketing to promote our independent car rental industry and our member businesses.
  • National and State level lobby efforts in areas that need lobby support to combat negative pressures from Government and our competition (big rental).
  • Education to help new Hosts grow their successful businesses, while also helping experienced Hosts with business issues and challenges they may face.
  • Guidance on making the leap from P2P to Private/Independent Rental.
  • Technology to help improve your ability to manage your fleet or vehicles (see Appzoola – car rental/fleet management solution for ICRA members), tracking solutions, lock & unlock features and other tech to help you operate your business.
  • Discounts from technology and other solution partners and associate members who will offer discounted services to our members.
  • Secure collaboration platform that is limited to “members only” and specific groups such as chapter members to discuss more local issues affecting their businesses and the market.
  • Member only events and discounts to national events, such as our annual conference, online technology showcase, chapter events and meet ups, etc.
  • Mobile app access to our platform for easy access to many of the member only areas within the website, via a “Member App” to see and register for events, collaborate with other members, easy access to update your member profile, access your membership card, use ICRA logo on your website and within your marketing as a member of the ICRA in good standing – this gives you more credibility with potential rental guests.
  • International Car Rental Show – ICRA member discounts saving up to $250 for the event each year!
  • Zubie GPS Tracking solutions – ICRA member discounts saving $8/month/vehicle.  This is a significant savings for premium Zubie tracking solutions for our members now at less than $10/month/vehicle
Membership Levels:
P2P Car Share Hosts
  • P2P Host – 1 vehicle (includes chapter membership)
  • P2P Host – 2-5 vehicles (includes chapter membership)
  • P2P Host – 6-10 vehicles (includes chapter membership)
  • P2P Host – 11+ vehicles (includes chapter membership)
Independent Car Rental Companies
  • independent car rental  – 1 to 19 vehicles
  • independent car rental  – 20 to 39 vehicles
  • independent car rental  – 40+ vehicles


Note: Host Members gain discounts on next year annual membership, simply by referring new members to the ICRA:

  • 25% off your annual membership by referring 3 new members within one year of the start of your membership
  • 50% off your annual membership by referring 5 new members within one year of the start of your membership
  • 75% off your annual membership by referring 10 new members within one year of the start of your membership
  • 100% off or FREE next year annual membership by referring 15 new members within one year of the start of your membership
Corporate Partner
  • Corporate – Up to 5 employee members included
  • Corporate – 6-10 employees included
  • Corporate – 11+ employees included
Associate Partner
  • Associate – single member/ vendor/partner company membership


All this to promote a healthy and sustainable industry of independent car rental entrepreneurs and other business advocates who support our industry. We connect hosts, vendors, sponsors, advocates, and all industry leaders to brainstorm on common business challenges, and to discuss relevant issues that could affect our business and industry. We do this at all levels within the organization, and highly encourage members to get involved.

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