The ICRA expands its member benefits and services to help our members with technologies needed to compete with Big rental!

The ICRA has dramatically expanded the service offering and benefits to our members.

With the growing need to protect your assets, the ICRA has added several new solutions to its member offering, but these solutions have been negotiated for you to eliminate Contracts, Monthly Minimum Requirements, and in many cases significantly reduced fees:

  1. Driver’s License and Identity Check – starting at just .20 cents per verification
  2. Insurance Verification & Policy Confirmation Validations – roughly $2 per validation
  3. Fleet Insurance on and off rental
  4. Basic ICRA Safe GPS Tracking – starting at $5.99/month or $63.99/year
  5. Advanced GPS tracking with: lock/unlock, starter disable, and real-time fleet data feeds
  6. Roadside Assistance programs you can sell to increase your profits – Add an additional $110 per vehicle in monthly profits on average
  7. Insurance programs/packages you can “sell” to your renters/customers who cannot confirm “rental car coverage” on their personal vehicle policies as confirmed or denied in #2 above
  8. Booking and Billing Website & Fleet Management System – starting at $79.99/month (not per vehicle) with no vehicle limits and no set-up fees

If you have any interest in learning more about any of these services simply drop us an email at: