Why Join ICRA / Benefits

For the benefits of course – see listed on the Member Services & Solutions page https://www.worldicra.com/membersolutions

However, in order to combat the very serious lobby efforts that the big rental car companies have through their association to try to slow the growth of the P2P Car Share and Independent Car Rental Industry, or stop it in some markets altogether, we are joining in force as a collective group, to not only try to curb negative legislation, and negative press, but also to gain recognition that this is an industry of P2P car share and independent car rental operators and supporting industry business and leaders. This should be one of the biggest reasons to consider membership in our association who is purely focused on our members and creating a positive light around our industry. In some markets, negative press or pressure on/by local government has impacted how our industry can/or will be able to operate in that market. With strength in numbers, and an organization that has only one focus our members, we need your support and involvement to secure a bright future for our industry.

P2P Car Share & Private Car Rental (ICRA) Members have Strength in Numbers:

  • Create a common and unified voice and collective support on all levels (International, National, State, Regional or Local).
  • Join your chapter or become part of the chapter leadership Promote positive messages to be shared and showcased at all levels to combat negative press and pressure Support for the independent car rental hosts and our industry, to drive sensible and inclusive legislation that does not single out independent car rental business

ICRA Members Stay Informed:

  • Keep up on local, state, and national news and legislation that may affect your business and our industry.
  • Help inform other members in your chapter of changing news or legislative topics they should also know about Sign-up for the ICRA Newsletter and provide important topics we should be sharing within the newsletter

ICRA Members Stay Connected:

  • Collaborate with peers and other like-minded entrepreneurs from our industry, on a national but also chapter level – find and join your chapter Meet others who share our common goals and objectives to secure a positive future for our independent car rental industry, our members, and your business.
  • Join not only at a national/international level, but also at a more local level. Each member is also a member at the “chapter” level as well (exception: Provisional Membership).
  • Exclusive ICRA member discounts for our industries largest event, the International Car Rental Show (usually in Las Vegas) – up to $200 off for members.
  • Technology solutions that are affordable such as ICRA Tracking w/start Disable, Driver’s License verifications, and Appzoola – Car Rental & Fleet Management system.
  • Discounts that are negotiated by the ICRA to benefit our members only for such technology and other needed services.

Some ICRA Members Get Involved:

  • Team up with other industry leaders to make a difference and drive our industry forward in each market/chapter in a positive way Make a difference at many different levels within our organization. The ICRA needs leaders to help advance our messaging and our cause in a positive manner.
  • We seek Board members, at both the National, but also chapter levels. Please contact us for more information or questions you may have.

Beyond this, ICRA Members care about the future of our industry and the health/growth of our members and associate partners businesses.  We know that without a team supporting us, our industry will continue to see greater pressure from our competition and their lobby efforts against our cause – to build a sustainable business marketplace for all independent car rental hosts and our supporting vendors and sponsors.

Membership adds strength and value to our industry and our community as a whole.  Please consider joining, as it only costs about the same as a rental or two in most markets.

Here are just a few examples of how negative pressure on government has influenced business for P2P and independent car rental operators