Why Support ICRA

Strength in numbers:

  • Create a common and unified voice and collective support on all levels (International, National, State, Regional or Local)

    Join your chapter or become part of the chapter leadership

    Promote positive messages to be shared and showcased at all levels to combat negative press and pressure

    Support for the independent car rental hosts and our industry, to drive sensible and inclusive legislation that does not single out P2P or  independent car rental business

Stay Informed

  • Keep up on local, state, and national news and legislation that may affect your business and our industry

    Help inform other members in your chapter of changing news or legislative topics they should also know about

    Sign-up for the ICRA Newsletter and provide important topics we should be sharing within the newsletter

Stay conneted

  • Collaborate with peers and other like-minded entrepreneurs from our industry, on a national but also chapter level – find and join your chapter

    Meet others who share our common goals and objectives to secure a positive future for our P2P and independent car rental industry, our members, and your business

    Join not only at a national/international level, but also at a more local level. Each member is also a member at the “chapter” level as well (exception: Provisional Membership)

Get Involved

  • Team up with other industry leaders to make a difference and drive our industry forward in each market/chapter in a positive way

    Make a difference at many different levels within our organization. The ICRA needs leaders to help advance our messaging and our cause in a positive manner. We seek Board members, at both the National, but also chapter levels. Please contact us for more information or questions you may have.

All this to promote a healthy and sustainable industry of independent car rental entrepreneurs and other business advocates who support our industry. We connect hosts, vendors, sponsors, advocates, and all industry leaders to brainstorm on common business challenges, and to discuss relevant issues that could affect our business and industry. We do this at all levels within the organization, and highly encourage members to get involved.