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#1 Reason to become an WorldICRA member is the member benefits which can be seen in more detail on the Membership Page. But our members enjoy "Member Only" benefits that come in the form of significant savings on technology solutions such as our $9.99 Zubie program, fleet insurance, and a $250 discount each year for those who would like to attend the largest show on the planet for our industry - International Car Rental Show (ICRS) which now includes P2P! Membership dues are far less than the discounts you would be taking an advantage of as a member of the WorlldICRA!

Membership brings dues revenue used by both the National and State levels to help in support of lobby efforts as needed in certain markets experiencing government or other pressures aimed to limit the success of our members. Dues are also used for marketing and awareness for our industry car rental/member hosts, education, technology, and also provides a common platform for our members to discuss business challenges that affect their markets and chapters.

Here is where our members will share and gain access to significant discounts, valuable news, and legislative information and updates that may affect their business. But collaboration is the key to member success, and this website provides a secure "member only" platform to connect with other members and industry experts to find solutions to challenges you may seek. This website is not to replace any social media sites you may use, but to become the place members share and gain knowledge from one another in a much more secure platform that social media does not support. Here is a link to the ICRA Facebook Page and connected group:

The ICRA seeks your membership and hopefully your involvement in this/your industry trade association for P2P Car Share and independent car rental companies, and other car rental industry leaders and companies who will come together and seek to define our marketplace and help to make it a viable and sustainable industry for years to come.

Please consider joining the ICRA today. Membership starts at just $70/year for smaller operators in P2P, and just $200/year for smaller independent car rental companies. The benefit discounts far exceed this!

Our power as a collective and focused organization will come from our strength in numbers, as we work together with a “Member First” focus, to better our industry and trade in a defined and collective but highly professional manner.

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These are just some of our members with very positive stories to tell about how they got started in our industry. Their messages are in some cases common, but also very inspirational to all who may be considering becoming a member of the WorldICRA. Other stories are much less common, and even more inspirational in some cases, please share your story with us and be showcased on our website. Associate members can also showcase the products or services they offer to our industry and other members. Please consider supporting the WorldICRA today!

Kervens Noze

My journey: I’m 23 years old and I have already failed in 2 businesses.  First failed business was my first store where I was selling appliances. ... Read More Member

Jocelyn Mugot

Living and working in Hawaii comes with a lot of challenges, especially since the onset of COVID-19.  As someone who had spent years working in... Read More Member

William Loubriel

I got started within the past six months when Turo opened up here on the island of Puerto Rico. There was a drought on car... Read More Fleet Member

Telly Zavala

Believe it or not, I “happened” into becoming a rental car host somewhat by accident.  Here is my story: In 2016 while driving for Uber,... Read More Member

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The ICRA will post recent news submitted to us by members not only on a national level, but also on a chapter level as well. You can find Recent News briefs here, but also as members, you will find specific news and legislative updates on a more local or chapter level, within you chapter pages of the website.

The ICRA expands its member benefits and services to help our members with technologies needed to compete with Big rental!

by App_admin | Sep 19, 2023 | Fleet InsuranceICRA NewsTechnology

The ICRA has dramatically expanded the service offering and benefits to our members. With the growing need to protect your assets, the ICRA has added several new solutions to its member offering, but these solutions have been negotiated for you...


ICRA negotiates a great deal on tracking solutions for only $5.99/month per vehicle (44% savings each month)! Devices as low as $19.99 with free shipping in the US.

by App_admin | Apr 20, 2023 | ICRA NewsTechnologyUncategorized

Here are the program details: ICRA members will get each device service for $5.99/vehicle device/month or $5.33/month if billed annually. There will be two form factors for tracking: Basic OBD2 “plug & play” devices - $19.99/device (retail is $37.99) shipped...